Eden Scrafford

Name: Eden Scrafford

Nickname: Girl on/from the announcements

Astrological Sign: Leo

What three adjectives best describe you? Creative, Dramatic, Tall

What animal do you identify with? Hummingbird

What are your personal superstitions? In Inca culture it is believed that if you are hit by lightning it is a sign that you were chosen by the Gods to be a shaman. Therefore, I believe that my sister is a spiritual lightning rod and I am ten times more afraid of thunderstorms when she is around.

Favorite Book: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Favorite Album: Beneath The Skin — Of Monsters and Men

Favorite Movie: Secondhand Lions

Concert you most want to see: Of Monsters and Men

What songs are currently in heavy rotation on your playlist? 

“Dirty Paws,” “King and the Lion Heart,” “Crystals,” “Winter Sound,” and “Wolves without Teeth” (by Of Monsters and Men)

“Mr. Brightside,” “Spaceman,” “Dustland Fairytale,” “Miss Atomic Bomb,” and “Just Another Girl” (by The Killers)

“Trouble,” “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” “Ready to Let Go,” and “Come a Little Closer” (by Cage the Elephant)

“Glitter & Gold,” “Little Boy”, “Hobo Rocket,” “Golden Dandelions,” and “Goodbye John Smith” (by Barns Courtney)

What books do you want to read but haven’t? A Song of Ice and Fire

Who is the most fascinating celebrity? Keanu Reeves

Where are you on the political spectrum? Fairly Liberal Independent

In what place and time period would you like to live? Late 15th to early 16th century Europe, but only if I could be a person of high power (preferably a Queen) and have Leonardo Da Vinci as my best friend.

Most memorable WHS Moment: Performing She Kills Monsters with the Drama Club