Ian Calaway

Name: Ian Calaway

Nickname: Carlyle

Astrological Sign: Gemini

What three adjectives best describe you? Caring, outgoing, honest

What animal do you identify with? Moose

What are your personal superstitions? ALWAYS knock on wood

Favorite Book: Ready Player One

Favorite Album: Sign No More by Mumford and Sons

Favorite Movie: Secondhand Lions

Concert you most want to see: Thomas Rhett

What songs are currently in heavy rotation on your playlist? “Rose of Sharon” by Mumford and Sons

What books do you want to read but haven’t? More by John Grisham

Who is the most fascinating celebrity? Tom Hanks

Where are you on the political spectrum? Moderate conservative

In what place and time period would you like to live? 500 AD with the Mayans 

Most memorable WHS Moment: Graduation… oh wait

Have you had any epiphanies as a result of the COVID-19 shut-down? A new perspective on something can make a big difference. 

What will you miss most about WHS? My friends that I don’t typically hang out with outside of school.

Plans for next year: College at Baylor University

Where do you see yourself in twenty years? Hopefully happy with a job that I can enjoy and a family that I can support. 

One thing you really want to accomplish in your lifetime: Be able to play an instrument really really well.

Words of Advice for Underclassmen: Enjoy your time while you have it, don’t take it for granted. 

Motto: Sure, why not?