Sam Menicke

Name: Sam Menicke

Nickname: IAmSamoo

Astrological Sign: Virgo

What three adjectives best describe you? Tall, Mom, Alpha Male

What animal do you identify with? Flying Squirrel

What are your personal superstitions? I always have the same routine going to sleep

Favorite Book: Animal Farm

Favorite Album: Eternal Atake

Favorite Movie: Home Alone 2

Concert you most want to see: 645AR

What songs are currently in heavy rotation on your playlist? “Colorado”Kota the Friend; “Second Life with Emily,” Peach Pit; “Moskau,” Dschinghis Khan; “Celebration Station,” Lil Uzi Vert

What books do you want to read but haven’t? Norse Mythology, Once a Runner

Who is the most fascinating celebrity? Selena Gomez  

Where are you on the political spectrum? Democrat

In what place and time period would you like to live? Ancient India during the rise of Buddhism

Most memorable WHS Moment: Winning the state championship for soccer my Junior year at Smith Fields

Have you had any epiphanies as a result of the COVID-19 shut-down? I really like running, and without a solid routine I get very very lazy

What will you miss most about WHS? All my teachers I had were exceptional, and I enjoyed a lot of the people I met at WHS as well 

Plans for next year: Attend Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, play soccer there and hopefully figure out a major

Where do you see yourself in twenty years? Doing some sort of field science in a mountainous location, wherever that may be

One thing you really want to accomplish in your lifetime: Learn a backflip from the ground, no trampolines or anything

Words of Advice for Underclassmen: Balance and happiness is the most important thing during high school, don’t get too stressed out

Motto: Just send it.