Laura Eshelman: “Fences” by Magic Bronson

Laura Eshelman:

One sunny day last week I went on a drive just to get out of the house and attempt to feel free in a time of great containment. I shuffled a playlist from the prior summer and the first song that came up was “Fences” by Magic Bronson. Immediately I heard,  “this is the time that I would like to acknowledge all of the people in my life”, and my heart stirred. That whole week I had felt one word spoken over my heart and it was gratitude, I was NOT thankful that I may not graduate, or that my Dad had to be at the hospital everyday making our family more at risk, and I certainly was NOT thankful that I hadn’t gotten to see my friends in weeks, yet still, I was grateful. It is in these times marked by fear, that we get the opportunity to find the most peace we could ever find. When the song says “With all this time we’re hangin round”  Bronson is using it to figuratively compare the time to that of a lifetime, in order to convey that individuals should take a step back from the ease of life to feel gracious.  My peace came to me through reflection, which is the only thing I have really been able to do these past weeks, and this song reminded me why I am so grateful. Halfway through the song, the verse reads, “And how bout a holler for all of the adults who don’t get bothered when you keep them waiting, what about that 7: 00 AM call can you come get me at this place and there’s a hole in the rug from all the steps that you’ve been pacing, and I look up to my father and I thank him for his patience. I finally say it.I think we’ll make it.We finally made it.We finally made it.” This verse  is a reminder of the little sacrifices loved ones make for you every day that allow us to make it through times like these. Currently, most of us are “sitting around on fences”, however, in order for us to be able to contain disease we are dependent on a community of people willing to make sacrifices to one another. As I sit here typing this, I cannot put into words the things and people I am grateful for during this time, and do not think I ever will be able to— but I do know that this time and my reflection has made me see the world in a very different way and opened my eyes to a new found peace amidst chaos.