Three Poems by Abby Lowry

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My head is ducked

In a sweatshirt

A feeling I have not felt

Since eighth grade

Where my eyes were slits of


hiding from

The thorny words

The taunting laughter

And the darkness

Of her hair

I am bouncing

Thinking of each word

Each feeling

Shuddering with

Haunted nostalgia

Looking back with

20 20 vision


And proud


A 14 year old me

Like a war hero

Criticises the





Of best friends

New friends

New relationships

And conversations

Of people I love

And people I hate

and of people

I’ve never met

The world is wide

And I have seen little


They stand as

My world


I was climbing

Rock by rock

Sticking my fingers in the cracks

My feet slipping


On waves of rock


Not to hit the ground below

Not to hit the wall

When I made the top

I bellowed in joy

Before lowering

To the bottom again

To relearn

And retry