What kind of Fortnite player are you?


Jeiven Pemberton, '20

A comprehensive essay written by user 117621. This is not a joke. Extensive research went into the creation of this essay. Please take caution as you may not like what you are about to read. It may be convicting or insulting. I am not responsible for any hurt feelings or lost dignities. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


It’s 9:30. You just finished your homework. Or you didn’t. I’m not here to judge. You turn on your TV, log in to Xbox live, and get ready to start the grind. The Fortnite grind. Many of you readers know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there. There have been nights when I have stayed up until the light of the day star flooded back into my cold, dark living room. When I played Fortnite over the summer, I had a pretty stereotypical squad. Shoutout to my squad. We had the rage quitter, who just got mad and logged off when he got killed. We had the tryhard, who would hear one shot and build an entire mansion complete with a tennis court and an indoor pool. We had the carrier, the only person on our squad who was actually good, but was very humble about it. Then there was the person who actually sucked and couldn’t get better no matter how hard they tried. I’m going to go into detail about how different these types of gamers are and how your gaming style can say a lot about your actual life.


The Rage Quitter

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing” -Anonymous


We’ve all seen videos. The little seven year old kid dies in a game and throws his controller into the television, or the grown man punches the screen after his team loses. This is the rage quitter. A Fortnite squad is not complete without one. The rage quitter is the guy that the other squad members strive to stay above. Nobody wants to stoop to as low of a level as the rage quitter stoops to. His open outbursts of anger and unchecked rage and aggression can prove toxic to the group mentality. The constant leaving and coming back can create a rift between the camaraderie of the squad. The rage quitter tends to be the same kind of person in real life. The constant desire to always have it your way can lead to a lot of problems. When the rage quitter has something not go his way, he gets mad and leaves the lobby. This is true for the rage quitter as they go about their day as well. Think about it. Have you ever seen someone just get so worked up and ticked off because someone said no or he failed to complete something and was turned down? That person is a rage quitter. This mentality can be really detrimental on the lives of people who choose to view life that way. Because let’s face it, life isn’t going to always go exactly how you want it. So the sooner you can learn to not blow a fuse every time something goes wrong, the better everything will be.

The Try Hard

Gamer: lol I accidentally killed myself XD
Gamer: Dude, quit being such a try hard.


The try hard isn’t just present in the world of Fortnite battle royale. You see examples of try hards everywhere. In Fortnite, the try hard is someone who just builds unnecessary structures because he gets startled by some shot off in the distance. The try hard will do anything to win, even though most of the time the try hard isn’t even good. You’ll find try hards camped out in one-by-one’s on the edge of the storm trying to “peeksnipe” every moving thing they see. This is directly translatable to real life, because if you tried to peeksnipe people in New York you would get arrested and imprisoned for a reasonable amount of time. But we do see people who “try to hard” in everyday life as well. The guy who wears certain clothing just to put out an image of himself that isn’t even true is a try hard. Try hards attempt to wow the crowd with their expensive clothing or false devotion to certain things, but in my experience, try hards are incredibly anxious. So when the slightest chance that they will get called out or they will die in a game pops up, they close themselves out and crawl into their one-by-one, shooting at anyone who tries to expose how they really act. The lesson we can learn from the try hard is that we shouldn’t try to put on a mask to make people like us better, and we shouldn’t be afraid of failure, because we all fail, and letting it control us is even worse than the failure itself.


The Carrier

“Man, yesterday when we were playing Fortnite, I had to carry you guys to a win.”


The carrier is the heart and soul of a Fortnite squad. Any squad that gets wins needs someone to carry the team. Without the carrier, it’s like the team doesn’t have a leader. The carrier is the best player in the group. The carrier is the person that will finish an entire squad by themselves because their teammates are knocked. The carrier is usually quite humble about it too. They aren’t like the try hard, who talks about how good he is but then doesn’t show us. They aren’t like rage quitter, who gets mad when they die. Because usually, the carrier doesn’t die, and when he does, he recognizes it as an opportunity to grow and improve his game. The carrier is great in the game, but he also is a great person in the real world. The carrier is the type of person who always finishes their work and takes failures as a learning opportunity. The carrier is the person who will do a project when other people in the group can’t do it. He will carry his teammates and friends to success in any subject. But the problem with the carrier is that all of this success can very easily go to their head. The inevitable arrogance that comes from being this good at everything can be very harmful to themselves and the people around them. So if you’re really good at something, don’t go around boasting about it. You’ll only create enemies and jealousy. Just be humble and continue doing a good job.

The Noob

“LAlWAlwalwalWAWLAWLAWA!~!~!~!!!11!!! 1M NOtttt N0000BZ”


We’ve made it. The noob. Everyone knows the noob. Every Fortnite squad has one. The noob is the hopeless one. When the noob signs on, you can hear a collective sigh coming out of the three other headsets in the group. A noob is often categorized as wearing a default skin. They walk around, unsure of the controls, oblivious to their surroundings, and lost as to what guns work good where. The noob will use a shotgun as a long range weapon, doing 0 damage and drawing attention to the team. The noob is worse than the tryhard, because he doesn’t even try at all. Noobs are prominent in Fortnite, and it’s always a fun time when you run into a noob, because you can just toy with them. Fortnite isn’t the only place where noobs flourish. In every aspect of life, there will be noobs. Soccer, for example. There are definitely noobs in soccer, people who just can’t seem to figure out the game. The good thing about noobs is they don’t really care about the outcome, they just try to have fun. But the problem with noobs is they don’t take advice from better players. They will just pass it off as “oh it’s okay, I am doing my thing so let me do it” but sometimes you need to listen to what other people have to say because it may be really important and helpful. So the takeaway here is if you are ever bad at anything, don’t just accept it. Stop it. Get some help.

There are all sorts of different Fortnite players. People who get really mad all the time because they can’t accept failure, people who think they’re the big cheese but they actually kind of suck, people who are actually skilled but they don’t go around telling anyone, and people who just straight up suck and aren’t willing to improve. Fortnite has exploded on the scene and will continue to bring new people in for months, even years to come. But for those of you who struggle to get into this game, don’t bother. This game steals people’s summers away. It kept me at home all summer, and I couldn’t wish that on anyone because it kind of sucked. Instead, play Halo. Nothing is wrong with Halo. As the great Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins said, “I’ve never not enjoyed playing Halo.”