Water is something special


Bailey McCann

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines water as “the liquid that descends from the clouds as rain, forms streams, lakes, and seas, and is a major constituent of all living matter.” Water is the foundation of all living life, yet we take it for granted. Do you ever stop and wonder about your drinking habits?  What temperature do you prefer? What brand stands out to you at the store? I had a conversation with a few of Whitefish High’s students about this valuable resource.

       Nolan Kelso finds water to be “dope in all ways.”  He prefers his water “at a liquid state with solid chunks floating about on the top.” If Nolan does not have access to ice he enjoys the experience of drinking it at forty-two degrees Fahrenheit. He consumes around 4 oz of water, “five times a day with every meal.” Nolan’s go-to brand of water is Life— this is because the bottles are beautiful and help him feel more cultured.

  Mary Hooks has a different opinion than most when it comes to one of our most valued resources,.  “I wish my life did not depend on it,” Hooks declared” Water makes her feel vulnerable and tethered to something that she may not always have access to.  She says that snow is the best way to consume water. This is because she can satisfy her thirst while simultaneously crafting snow angles. Mary loves Fiji and Voss water. “Water from far away lands are ideal because they make me feel empowered,” said Hooks.

   Emily Buckmaster says that “It tastes good!” She loves freezing cold water because it will keep her alert throughout the day.  She consumes water “all day long, then all throughout the night.” When asked what state is the best for consumption she responded with “definitely Alaska!” “I always buy Voss because if it’s more expensive, then it must better.”

  John Barton says that “Water is cool, water is good, water gives us life.”  His ideal drink is a bottle of Aquafina warmed to a comfortable 70 degrees. Every day he consumes close to 200 oz.  “I drink when I wake up, one at school, one after school, and one before I go to bed.”

   I encourage you to stop and consider what you think about water? What temperature do you like? How frequently do you drink? How many ounces a day do you consume? What is your ideal state of water? What is your go-to brand?  Water is incredibly valuable yet we hardly give it any attention. Hopefully one person at a time we can change this and place water at the top of a golden pedestal.